2021 Extreme Book Nerd Adults

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Jan 04 - Dec 20

Extreme Book Nerd Challenge - Official Rules 2021

50 books in 50 weeks in 50 categories*


  • Extreme Book Nerd runs from January 4, 2021 through December 20, 2021.

  • One category per book for a total of 50 books in 50 weeks, to be read by December 20, 2021

  • All Treasure Valley LYNX! Consortium cardholders are eligible to win the completion prize. 

  • All books read for the challenge need to be recorded in your Extreme Book Nerd reading log (physically or digitally) with the title, author, and date finished for each book listed with each category

    • Reading logs will only be accepted in the distributed paper format or via online registration through the Meridian Library District website. 

  • Books for other reading programs and book clubs can be counted toward this challenge as long as they fit into one of the categories (i.e., Summer Reading Program, book clubs, school assignments, etc.) and are done by December 20, 2021. 

  • Audiobooks may be counted toward the challenge. 

  • Books must be Middle Grade reading level or higher to count toward the challenge. To check if your title is rated for grade 6 or higher, we suggest using the Scholastic Book Wizard tool at https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/bookwizard/

  • All books finished and reported by December 20, 2021 can be counted toward this challenge. 

  • Participants who finish the challenge by December 20, 2021 will receive an exclusive prize: A deluxe canvas book bag with the Extreme Book Nerd logo AND Meridian Library District cardholders have the option of switching their library card to the exclusive “black card” library card. 

Only one category per book. You cannot use the same book for multiple categories. 

*Teens need only to complete 35 of the categories in the Challenge to be awarded the prize. Books beyond the needed 35 will not be counted toward another challenge, nor will another prize be awarded. 

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Extreme Book Nerd 2021 categories

  1. The current or a past Treasure Valley Reads Book 

  2. A book with a three word title 

  3. A book from the Dewey Decimal number 700s

  4. A book set in South America

  5. A book with a teacher in it

  6. A book set on an island 

  7. A book with “Light” in the title

  8. The latest book by your favorite author

  9. A book you’ve never heard of before

  10. A book published in the 1800s 

  11. A book with a flower in the title  

  12. A book from the 2020 NPR Book Concierge tool

  13. A book with a doctor in it

  14. A book with punctuation in the title

  15. A book by an author who uses initials

  16. A  book with an alliterative title 

  17. A book you’re surprised you haven’t read yet

  18. A book with an immigrant in it

  19. A book recommended by an MLD staff member

  20. A book published between 2000-2010

  21. A book about an animal

  22. A book with a map in it 

  23. A book that inspires you

  24. A book about a belief system other than your own

  25. A nonfiction book on race relations in America

  26. A trilogy: Book 1

  27. A trilogy: Book 2

  28. A trilogy: Book 3

  29. A Pulitzer prize winner or nominee

  30. A book with a protagonist who belongs to a minority group

  31. A book with a magical creature

  32. A self-help book

  33. Give a book a second chance

  34. A book with a blue cover

  35. A book with a month of the year in the title

  36. A book that hooked you with the line

  37. A title that starts with the first letter of your first name

  38. A book with a senior citizen as a protagonist 

  39. A book with characters who are snowed in or otherwise quarantined 

  40. A book that includes a recipe

  41. A book with an amateur sleuth

  42. A book with stars on the cover 

  43. A book about a president 

  44. A book with a happy ending

  45. A book with 500+ pages 

  46. A book about the Black experience in America

  47. A book with a character who has a disability

  48. A book with a meal in the title

  49. A book set in a library or bookstore

  50. A travelogue

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