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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in this challenge?

  • Full participation in this challenge is limited to adult and teen (13+) Meridian Library District cardholders. Cardholders from other libraries may participate in the challenge, but will not be eligible to win the prize.

How quickly can I finish and report?

  • As quickly as you complete the challenge, as long as the books were read during the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge time frame (January 3, 2019 - December 20, 2019)

How long do I have to sign up?

  • Participants may register from January 3, 2019 - July 31, 2019.

Can I count books I read before I registered for the Challenge?

  • No, books may only count toward the Challenge that were completed after the date that you registered.

How do I report completion?

  • Bring your reading log to a staff member of the Meridian Library District. Be prepared to discuss some of the titles you read.

How do I know if a book counts for a category?

  • If you feel that a book fits a category, then record it in your reading log. If you’re not sure which category to use, ask a librarian.

Do I have to read one of the suggested titles?

  • Nope! Those are only there to give you some ideas. Feel free to read whatever you like that fits the category.

Do I need to complete the categories in order?

  • You may complete the categories in any order, as long as all 50 categories are completed by December 20, 2019.

Can I read children’s books?

  • Books need to be of Middle-Grade level or higher.

How and when do I get my prize?

  • Once the challenge ends on December 20, 2019, library staff will tally completion records and prepare the prize order. Because prizes will be custom ordered and printed, they will not be available for pick-up until February 2020. You (or your designated representative) will need to show a photo ID or library card when picking up your prize.

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