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Challenge Categories:

A book with a female protagonist

A banned book

A Hugo Award winner or nominee

A beach read

A book set in the South

A western

Reread a favorite book of yours

A collection of short stories

A book set somewhere you have never been

A book you own but have never read

A book with food in it

A book with royalty in it

A book by a first-time author

A historical fiction novel

A cozy mystery

A book by an Idaho author

A graphic novel

A love story

A dystopian novel

A book about books

A sad book

A book about immigrants or refugees

A book inspired by another literary work

A book with a Dewey Decimal number in the 600’s

A book with X, Y, or Z in the title

A book from a Library display

A book with an alternative lifestyle

A nonfiction book

A book with garden in the title

A book with a body of water

A book with a red cover

A book with mental illness

A book by a Canadian author

An autobiography or memoir

A book with a season in the title

A book with a floral cover

A book published posthumously

A book with a one-word title.

A book you choose based entirely on its cover

An epistolary book

Two books with the same title: book 1

Two books with the same title: book 2

A book of your choosing

A nonfiction history book

A book with an animal in it

A book with a city in the title

A book with a lawyer in it

Listen to an audiobook

A book published this year (2019)

A book from an opposite political viewpoint than your own

Only 1 category per book. You cannot use the same book for multiple categories.

Some rights reserved by their respective holders. Call us for more details.

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